ISTDAMA Foundation for nature conservation

(The ٍISTDAMA Foundation (Sustainability Foundation for nature conservation (SFNC)

Environmental awareness development organization sought with other actors and relevant domestic and international institutions to promote environmental and developmental modes and ensuring the exploitation of natural resources to meet the needs and requirements of society rationally and preserves the rights of future generations to live in security, in addition to Contribution to cope with disaster risks and crises and trying to mitigate their effects on the environment and help the community.


That natural resources are managed in a sustainable manner that meets the needs of the prese and ensure the preservation of the rights of future generations to live in safety.

Letter: Work in conjunction with relevant institutions and organizations in order to protect the environment and conserve natural resources, rehabilitation of local communities to be able to participate in management.


 -Create a community interest environment, risks that threaten it.

-Cooperation in establishing parks and protected areas network and the implementation of studies and projects that are fast to protect land and marine biodiversity and birds?.

-Contribute to the support and development of local communities and addressing crisis situations and disasters. Contribute to the development of institutional structures and environmental legislation and its implementation mechanism and controls applied.

-Cooperation in providing and exchanging information and databases and experiences and develop environmental education means contributing to the implementation of environmental and development studies and monitoring, control and evaluation.

Raising community awareness through means and channels available in coordination with different media.

Location and scope of work

The headquarters of the Foundation for sustainability IUCN SFNC in Aden and supported representation offices in many cities of Yemen and the Foundation has legal personality and independent patrimony as a non-governmental organization statement by doing official business by the labor and Social Affairs Bureau number 1057

Enterprise Services:

The Foundation provides multiple services such as the preparation of studies and research and study and training programmes and provide technical consultancy and project evaluation references, and economic feasibility studies for industrial and service projects are an important aspect of the Foundation's By different services. Enterprise depends on its implementation at national and regional expertise through a wide network of experiences and competencies

The Foundation's work is based on the following tasks:

- implementation of researches and studies of natural and environmental resources  

 -Various consulting services, conduct research and studies in management of natural resources (water, land, forests, wild animals, pastures, agricultural production, the environment and community capacity building).

V working to develop and improve the performance and the rationalization and more efficient use of natural resources and environmental monitoring and assessment at the national, regional and international, and negative environmental phenomena and find ways to combat it, add to participate and contribute to regional and international activities On environmental and natural resource and agriculture for food security and combating poverty.


Training and qualification

Bmp to develop technical and managerial skills of national cadres through its willingness to implement training programs for local cadres in various sectors and various assistance in identifying training needs through the Corporation's personnel or Using regional and international experiences.



The institution implementing pilot projects in the field of natural resource management and biodiversity protection especially rare, and landfill services using modern methods in natural resource management and assistance in introducing modern, innovative ways


. National, regional and international cooperation

The development of cooperative relations between the institution and their counterparts in the Arab world and the world to achieve the easy exchange of information and experiences, studies and research, the Foundation also develops collaborative relationships with organizations and institutions of scientific and practical nature and the conclusion of agreements and memorandums of understanding To frame the common basis in accordance with national legal formulas consistent with the national laws in force and implement joint activities with institutions and agencies and regional and international organizations and Arabic.