Results of the preservation of ecosystems:

Report of the ecosystem in the region rich in biodiversity in East African plateau and southern Arabian Peninsula to confirm critical ecosystems Partnership Fund using conservative results study – intended targets by which to measure the success of the expected investments – such as The scientific basis from which to identify important geographic places focus in the investment process. The results of maintenance includes a complete set of criteria and quantitative targets to be achieved in the region to avoid the loss of biodiversity.

 These results can be categorized into three levels, type, location, land landscape where these elements interrelate geographically through the presence of the species in sites having locations in natural areas in addition to the logical linkage must protect the site first to keep the type where Environmental services or must continue living marine species such as freshwater and shelter from storms and floods. Also contributing to this increase in production and in maintaining the benefits of environmental regulations. To define the results to maintain the ecosystems is the opposite process which is defined first and items level targets based on that site-level targets are defined to suit its environment. So it needs this process is completed for detailed information on how to protect every single item and keep it. The report identifies the ecosystems in biodiversity-rich areas in the East African plateau and the South for endangered animals) IUCN (677 Arabic island species threatened with extinction in the world according to the World Federation bulletin red lists.) species of) 2010

 It was noted that most of these items are preserved and protected better by providing protection for the sites where this and this) KBAs (-items, so the Vikings of environmental systems development report identified key biodiversity areas called sites of not less importance than others for conservation Global environmental regulations to protect endangered species extinction of native species and endemic species or groupings. Classification depends on the degree of relevance and site level amounting to 261 49 land and area of freshwater areas mentioned in the report, which covers the areas of land with an area of nearly 300000 square nodded almost 29 of the total area of the region is rich in biodiversity and the total number of sites About land
The location of each site, not 192 increasing land area about 100000 hectares located mostly outside the network protection area specific case illustrated irregular fracture. In addition, select 14 important corridors to preserve biodiversity. It contains 155 Prairie region including 42 freshwater area and 16 in association areas maintain


Nature reserves and endangered animals.



Oil companies showered teachers misleading propaganda about climate

Receive tens of thousands of science teachers in the United States mailing parcels containing misleading propaganda about climate change. Parcels sent by the Heartland Foundation during the past days contained her book ' why don't scientists agree on global warming ' with CD, promote to reject human role in climate change, arguing that rising temperatures caused by natural phenomena in the first place.
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Report on the status of marine turtles his Falcons beak and pressures faced by Ashique Island Aden

These sites are considered environmentally sensitive and candidate sites declared as protected Island Azizi and beaches of Imran and these sites are important sites on the South end of sea turtle nesting his Falcons beak PACI seeks environmental protection through recent interventions across Activities carried out by the main nesting areas declared natural reserves is an island and neighbouring coast Azizi Imran and Imran's head.


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Jordanian plan to ban plastic bags

Jordanian Environment Minister Yassin tailor Ministry draws to shift towards the use of paper and plastic bags biodegradable in all sectors, to be safe and sustainable alternative to plastic bags in circulation with adverse health and environmental effects.

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