ISTDAMA Foundation for nature conservation

May the brothers visit our website for conservation, sustainable Foundation. And developmental observations of the site to serve the environment and nature conservation, since it contains a lot of information and activities carried out by the institution

Which is an advantage and the uniqueness of the institution from the rest of the environmental institutions in a very simple to check the level of excellence has seen him international and regional organizations and open through a wider range of activities and events to raise aloft the inherent distinctive environmental shrine from the rest of the provinces of the Republic of Yemen In terms of having a large number of nature reserves (at hisswa, protected, sheltered Swan Lake, almmlah protected, protected the Grand Canyon, Persian protectorate) so keep up that level of awareness achieved environmental activity of conservative leadership orientations, represented by its leader General Qasim Zubaidi's fighter wallets Conservative and head of the local Council and to maintain a clean and healthy environment conservation wemraaaih biodiversity enjoys This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. County.