Global call against wasting food was lost

José Graziano da Silva joined, Director-General of the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to advocating renewed global commitment not to tolerate wasting food was lost.   And da Silva invited high level efficacy on the sidelines during the seventy-second session of the General Assembly, which focused on the face of it was wasting food as a way to achieve the second objective of the sustainable development goals of eradicating hunger.  And transfer the FAO press release about da Silva as saying during the event ' zero tolerance was wasting food is economically rational. The reports showed that for every dollar invested in policies to reduce food waste, we save $14 '
 He stressed that ' investing in measures to prevent wastage and loss of food also means investing in policies to combat poverty because it promotes sustainable food systems to achieve a world free from hunger. '  It is said that a third of the food that is produced for human consumption is losing or wasting every year worldwide. It occurs along the supply chain from the farm and even the dining table.